Social Media Content Photography by Malvina Ministrova

If you dream of being a major influencer on social media, then you might be wondering “where can I find a personal branding photographer near me?” People respond to communication that broadcasts a crystal clear message or image. That means that your brand photography needs to be on point. Need help getting there? That’s where I come in.

I’m Malvina, and I specialise in brand storytelling through business photography in Melbourne. I work primarily with ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable companies who want to make a splash on social media with outstanding product photography and much more! I’m also a lifestyle photographer, which comes in handy for all those casual looking spontaneous shots that give an authentic feel to a brand.

Whether the business photography in Melbourne that you need is product photography or brand photography, I can help you do it right. I naturally resonate with ethical companies, as we have a shared vision of making the world a better place. I am also very familiar with your target market segment, as I am a part of it!

Making Sure We’re On Track with Brand Photography

Before I start taking snaps, it helps to ensure we’re on the same page as far as branding goes. We’ll have a session brainstorming and discussing your branding and how you want to appeal to your intended customers.

This creative brief will give me a framework from which to make artistic decisions with my photographic eye. I am always faithful to the brief, as beautiful photos are important, but they also have to do what you want them to in terms of fulfilling their marketing purpose. My understanding of the purposes of social media content photography really sets me apart in my field.

Business Photography in Melbourne for Ethical Brands

If you’re an ethical, eco-friendly or sustainable company aiming to do something good in the world, then I would be delighted to make your products shine on social media. Tell a story with your brand photography and make your message consistent and powerful. To arrange a consultation, call me today on 0416 464 498.

My location.

I work in my own photography studio located in Melbourne’s beautiful Bayside.

Bohemia Bay is my modern, cosy space with exceptional features, ample daylight and all the professional equipment.
My second home, where I photograph brands that have a similar sense of care and compassion for the planet as I do. From fashion and lifestyle to products and interiors.

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