Ecommerce Photography in Melbourne by Malvina Ministrova

Are you interested in getting some website product photography done? The pictures you use on an ecommerce site can really make or break a sale. The reason why I’m the perfect choice of photographer for your ecommerce photography is that I naturally resonate with ethical brands and have a keen knowledge of the marketplace.

Before I even take a product shot, we sit down together and discuss your branding. How do you want to represent your company, and who do you want to resonate with? Once these things are clear and we’re on the same page, then I will know what creative direction to take when working on ecommerce fashion photography or any other types of projects in my product photography studio.

A Photography Studio in Melbourne for Ethical Brands

It’s essential that when hiring someone for product shots photography you get a result that will help you sell your wares. If you’re an ethical eco-friendly company, then your products are actively making the world a better place. So you need ecommerce photography that sells by showing off the benefits of your product. For some website product photography, this means close ups that show details or texture, or perhaps it means choosing the right model to exemplify your brand’s personality.

The Benefits of My Ecommerce Photography in Melbourne

My clients experience many benefits from hiring me for website product photography for their ethical and eco-friendly brands, including:

  • High-end innovative positioning
  • Professional crisp photos
  • On trend styling
  • Ecommerce photography for websites
  • High resolution files for multiple purposes
  • Beautiful photos that sell
  • Clear brand storytelling

All this and more is available to you when you hire me for your ecommerce photography.

Website Product Photography with an Ethical Twist

If you’re an ethical brand looking to make the world a better place while optimising online sales, then you need excellence in website product photography to give an accurate and appealing picture of your products and your company personality. Let me help you in this process. Call me today on 0416 464 498 for photos that get results.

My location.

I work in my own photography studio located in Melbourne’s beautiful Bayside.

Bohemia Bay is my modern, cosy space with exceptional features, ample daylight and all the professional equipment.
My second home, where I photograph brands that have a similar sense of care and compassion for the planet as I do. From fashion and lifestyle to products and interiors.

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